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Sheffield Doc/Fest: “More than a documentary festival!”

by soohwei

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013

Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, Melvyn Bragg, Michael Palin, Sir Trevor McDonald and Captain Sensible had gathered in Sheffield to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sheffield Doc/Fest.

The festival was launched with a world premiere performance by Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley and others.

“The Big Melt” which had combined music and film revealed the story about Sheffield’s steel industry.

There were two dozen of world premiers in the 120 films being shown.

This year, the 5-day-festival had attracted 300 delegates from 60 countries and 20,000 spectators to join the event.

Click here to read on highlights of the event.

Interactive Sessions

“There are so many opportunities for people to interact with each other. So, it’s not just us sitting and watching, which I think is important to young people.” — Ebony/ Student

Besides showing documentary films, the festival held a lot of interactive sessions such as workshops, talks, crossover, seminars and Q&A sessions.

In the interactive session, participants can get to know about the film making process and the story behind the scenes.

Movie lover from USA, Ebony said that the documentaries provide a new perspective about the world.

More than a documentary festival!

“Primarily, I have the idea that was just a documentary festival. But coming here, I saw it is much more than that.” — Haris/ Student

The documentaries screened at the festival broaden the views of the audiences as there are more categories of documentary besides the traditional observational documentary.

Participants got to see the innovation of the filmmakers who had used various types of media in a variety of platforms to produce the film.

A PhD student, Haris said it is fascinating to see the development of documentary industry.

Tips for a budget-movie lover

If you are on a budget, you can join the outdoor screening programme which is free of charge.

Films are screened from morning to the evening on Howard Street Screen.

Public watching documentary on Howard Street

Public watching documentary on Howard Street

About Sheffield Doc/ Fest

Sheffield Doc/Fest is the UK’s premiere documentary and digital media festival. It offers various types of documentary to watch and also chances to meet the filmmakers at Q&A sessions.

Besides the five Festival days in June, Sheffield Doc/Fest presents year round workshops, screenings, labs and mentoring opportunities both in the UK and internationally.


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