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Sheffield Cliffhanger back with new attractions!

by soohwei

Cliffhanger 2013 proved Sheffield to be the City of Sports with the variety of outdoor activities being showcased. Visitors were satisfied with the outdoor experience.  

It was the first time for the event to be held for two consecutive days. The two-day event expected for 20,000 people!

A lot of people were first time joining the event but they were all excited and looked forward to it.

Cliffhanger not only aimed for outdoor people, but also the participation of the whole family.

There were activities specially designed for children.The safety of the activities was well-monitored too.

All you can get in one place

Cliffhanger highlighted the best of city’s outdoor opportunities. There were climbing, cycling, slacklining, freerunning (parkour), kite-flying and many more.

Visitors got to tried on the different activities under the help and guidance of the professionals.

There was also demonstrations on bike stunt for visitors to watch.

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British Bouldering Championships

The main attraction of Cliffhanger had to be the British Bouldering Championships.

Bouldering which is climbing without a rope was very much thrill and tense to both climbers and spectators.

The Championships was held for two days.  Preliminary round on the first day while semi-finals and finals on the second day.

Click here to read more on the Championships.

New attraction – “Free Drop”

This year, for the first time at Cliffhanger, “Free Drop” was being put up.

It was exciting for thrill seekers as they jumped down on air bag from a 5m tower.

Visitors had to get into the one-hour queue for the jump.

The sun was blazing, the queue was long and the wait was forever.

It took less than one second to reach the ground again.

me jumping

Jumping off from 5m tower

Perfect weather for outdoor activities

The weather this year was absolutely good for outdoor activities.

The sun was shining down on the field throughout the two-day festival and the temperatures were high up to 27°C.

The nice condition seemed to make up for last year’s cancellation of event due to the rain.

The sun was really hot and burn. A lot of people were putting on sunscreen.

There were also a lot of people settling down under trees or tent for a shade.

Cope with hunger

There were a few catering units standing by at several corners of the field to serve the stomach.

Long queues can be seen at the stalls when it was lunch hour.

There were also a variety of food choices, such as meat, noodles, rice, coffee, ice-cream and crisps.

Under the hot sun, everyone seemed to look for something to cool down themselves.

The queue never stopped in front of ice cream stalls!

Queuing to buy ice-cream

The queue to buy ice-cream

About Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger is one of the UK’s largest outdoor outdoor-pursuits festivals, based in one of Sheffield’s biggest green spaces.

It is actually UK’s biggest outdoor festival for outdoor folk, with over 20,000 visitors in 2 days.

The aim of the event is to Inspire & Involve. Featuring elite competitions and / or professional demonstrations in rock climbing, orienteering, mountain biking, running, slacklining, adventure racing and more, visitors are able to watch incredibly talented sports-people of all ages at the top of their game, and then take part in the very sports they have just been inspired by.

Here is a review on Cliffhanger and British Bouldering Championships 2013 by one of the event attendee, Sam Schofield.


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