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Shauna Coxsey climbs to Bouldering victory

by soohwei

Shauna Coxsey after completing her match

Shauna Coxsey after completing her match

Dave Barrans and Shauna Coxsey successfully retained their champion titles for British Bouldering Championships 2013.

Without doubt, one of the main attractions for Cliffhanger 2013 was the climbing competition.

A lot of people gathered under the tent where the championships was held. They also waited until 4 p.m. for the finals.

The competition

This was the first time for the competition to be carried out in World Cup Style.

The competition was the national UK championships and now also formed part of the selection process for the Senior British Bouldering Team.

Qualification round was on the first day while semi-finals and finals were on the second day.

In the finals, each of the contestants were given 4 minutes to solve the ‘problems’ and there were a total of four ‘problems’.

Only six males and six females made it to the final.

Audiences’ participation

While the contestants were trying hard to reach the top, audiences were also participating by shouting encouraging words.

They seemed to feel like the contestants.

They hold their breath while contestants were climbing and sighed when contestants fell from the wall.

“Come on, Mina”

“You can do it, James! There is still plenty of time.”

Their cheering made the competition more interesting.

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Performances from the championships

Champions from both the male and female category proved to be different as they succeeded in solving the problems that other contestants failed.

Meanwhile, Shauna Coxsey stood out among the contestants as she succeeded in solving all rounds with only one attempt for each.

However, there was one unsolved ‘problem’, which was the third round for male.

Each of them had tried every way that they could thought of and audiences had been cheering and praying hard for them, but nobody made it to the top.

Then, after seeing five failures to solve the fourth ‘problem’ for the female, audiences were left with the only hope, Shauna Coxsey. And, yes. She thrilled the audiences by climbing all her way up to the top in her first attempt.

Click here to see how Shauna Coxsey made it to the top of 4th problem.

Shauna Coxsey was excited with her winning and said that there is no secret to her success.

Click here to view the interview with the champions by BMC.

About British Bouldering Championships

The British Bouldering Championships (BBC) is organised by the BMC and is the national championships in the UK. Since its inception in 1998, it has grown to be a very popular event.

Here is a review on Cliffhanger and British Bouldering Championships 2013 by one of the event attendee, Sam Schofield.


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