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Atkinsons’ manager: “Indie stores make Sheffield different”

by cynthialing

Retail Independent Market

Retail Independent Market

For the first time, Sheffield indie retailers got the chance to showcase themselves to the public.

Sheffield City Council had brought in Independents’ Day Market on 29 June, which held in conjunction with the national celebration of Retail Independents’ Day that fell on 4th of July.

13 Indie retails had showcased their stalls on Fargate.

The event was aimed to display various small unique businesses to the general public, provoke public’s support and also raise public awareness on local independent retailers.

Problems faced by local retailers retail

The local independent retailers had been long pressured by the big chain stores and long-term price drops.

They had came out with numbers of promotion and offers to improve their revenue but still did not solve the problem.

Sheffield City Council noticed the matter and took the action to organize this market.

Independents’ Day Market created an opportunity for the retailers to showcase themselves to the general public.

Retail Market spotlighting indie retailers

Deborah Moon, founder and owner of Moonko, dedicated her time to support the new and fresh designers by showcasing, selling and promoting the ‘Made in Britain’ creative artworks.

She said that the event was brilliant as it supported emerging businesses in Sheffield and raised awareness to the indie businesses on high street.

“It arise awareness to the general public on how many amazing independent businesses are in Sheffield which sell quality and beautiful things that allow you back to support the designer. ” — Deborah Moon / Founder and owner of Moonko

Deborah Moon, owner of Moonko

Deborah Moon, owner of Moonko

  Click play to listen what Deborah Moon thinks about Independents’ Day Market

Atkinsons, Sheffield’s most well-known family owned independent store was asked to lead the event.

In fact, Atkinsons already had a history of 141 years, still leading by the same family back in 1872.
*click here for more about Atkinsons

The store showed up in the market to tell the people about their history.

“I think the event is great because it is the independent store that make the city different. All the shops you see here are everywhere, every city but Atkinson is just in Sheffield. ” — Graham Frith / Manager of Atkinsons

Graham Frith / Manager of Atkinsons

Graham Frith, Manager of Atkinsons

About Summer Saturday

The Banner of Summer Saturday

The Banner of Summer Saturday

In order to boost the city centre trade and support local businesses, Sheffield City Council had launched the campaign called Summer Saturday. It will start from end of June until September.

‘Summer Saturdays’ will  go on with a series of events and activities which designed to bring people into the city centre to stay, play, relax and enjoy the shops, entertainment and food and drink.

This year, it started on June 29 with Independents’ Day Market, a market for independent retailers. It then followed by a procession, Sheffield Pride on July 6 and a continental market that selling food, drink, clothes, gifts and home wares.

There will be other activities continuing held along Saturday in summer, such as, Chance to Dance, Devonshire Market, Sheffield by the Seaside, Open-air Cinema, Greentop’s Circus Day and so on.


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