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Thousands of Sheffielders gather for “Chance to Dance”

by patricklee

Chance to Dance 2013

Chance to Dance 2013

Chance to Dance was back,bigger and better, with thousands of dancers and spectators all over the city centre. 

After the cancellation in 2011 and a small scale festival in 2012, the festival was back with performances in six city centre performing sites: Barker’s Pool, Leopold Square, Peace Gardens, Tudor Square, Upper Chapel and Winter Gardens.

More than 60 performances with different types of dances were presented. There was a unique cultural fusion featuring a journey from the roots of African, Classical Indian and Ballet, to Hip Hop, Contemporary and Tribal Fusion Belly dance.

Opening ceremony

This year, the festival had something new that made it special and different compared to previous years. There was an opening speech by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield followed by a world premiere dance evolution.

Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Vickie Priestley said the event was marvellous, multicultural and also a good exercise for people. It brought the whole of Sheffield to the city centre. She encouraged people to join this kind of event as you never know what you’re missing.

6 months practice paid off 

Chance to dance was not only about showcasing the dances and talents; the public had the opportunity to join the steps after the performance.

It was a perfect weather for outdoor activities. There were crowds gathering at all the performing sites. Music, dances and laughter filled the atmosphere.

Nisha Lall, choreographer for ‘Dance Evolution’ was delighted on how the festival had highlighted the dance styles in Sheffield. She said that the festival had provided a platform for dancers to work together but not only stick to their own styles.

Angelina who was in the first group performing for the opening dance said that the preparation for the performance was a long process. It was a spiritual process on being ready to spread the energy. Her group had practiced 6 months on and off for the performance but they felt great and satisfied with it.

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About Chance to Dance

Chance to dance is a one day city centre dance festival that was established in 2000. The original idea came from Sheffield’s involvement in the World Health Organisation European Healthy City Movement.

In 2011 there was no festival – it was cancelled due to public sector spending cuts. So, some of the original founders of the festival and many of the dance groups involved  formed a new voluntary organisation and managed to raise enough funds to bring back Chance to Dance in 2012 – albeit on a slightly smaller scale than in previous years!

Chance to Dance is a voluntary organisation and is not regularly funded.  They are asking for supports to bring the festival back again in 2014.


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