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Making the most of your experience in the happiest city

What do you do during the Summer in Sheffield?

by soohwei

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“Summer always feel like a community experience.”  — Emily Lebster, Sheffield’s youth worker

When you think of summer, you think of sun, beach and holidays.

But, being located quite far from the beach, what do Sheffielders do in the summer?

What do Sheffielders recommend to do in the Steel City?

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The history of English summer was always wet and cold.

What do Sheffielders think about the weather?

Summer in Sheffield to Sheffielders

We wanted to know whether summer in Sheffield gives any meaning to them.

Some were trapped with their work while some said it is a time to enjoy before going back to work on September.

Behind the microphone

These were the people who contributed their opinions on summer activities in Sheffield. Their help was much appreciated!

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2 comments on “What do you do during the Summer in Sheffield?

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  2. Swing (@incompleteswing)
    August 24, 2013

    hmmm…. After reading this, I think i will enjoy the cold weather in Sheffield.

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