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10,000 turn up for Sheffield’s Cycling Grand Prix

by cheeken

Sheffield went cycle crazy as the Grand Prix came to the city and attracted 10,000 crowds to watch the race.

This is the second year of the world cycling to the city centre.

This time, the event was the final round of British Cycling Elite Circuit Race Series and incorporated with Browns British Cycling Women’s National Road Race Series.

The race took part around the city centre, including Pinstone Street, Furnival Gate, Arundel Gate, Norfolk Street and Surrey Street. Full lap of the circuit was 1.4km.


Map of the circuit lap

10,000 standing crowds

The event was held on 24th July at Sheffield City Centre. Despite it being midweek, it attracted 10,000 cheering spectators.

Onlookers waved flags, applauded and cheered when the cyclists rode pass. Some people showed their support by shouting names with encouraging words.

Besides local people, there were many foreigners, especially international students among the spectators.

In conjunction with the race, there were many food and drink stalls along Pinstone Street.

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Roads closure

In order for the race to run smoothly, many roads were closed from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Affected areas were Pinstone Street, Furnival Gate, Cross Burgess Street, Arundel Gate, Norfolk Street, Surrey Street and Leopold Street.

However, pedestrians were allowed to cross the street. Event crews stood beside the temporary railings would open the path when there were no cyclists racing nearby.

About Sheffield Grand Prix

Sheffield Grand Prix was first held in July 2012. It formed the final round of the British Cycling Elite Circuit Race Series and incorporated a round of the British Cycling Women National Road Race Series.

Click here to read on the race.


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