Summer Sheffield

Making the most of your experience in the happiest city

Summer of festivals light up Sheffield

by patricklee
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Staying in the UK over summer and want plenty to entertain you in one place – then Sheffield could well be the city for you.

Cliffhanger is best for those who enjoy staying outdoor and doing sports while DocFest has plenty of documentary choices for movie lovers. As well, Tramlines offers a lot of live music from inside and outside of Sheffield.

The festivals are held in Sheffield along the summer around June to July.

Sheffield Doc Fest

This documentary festival already has a history of 20 years and is still growing every year.

It has transformed from a mere film festival into an interactive platform for people to know more behind the camera. There are workshops, talks, crossover, seminars and Q&A sessions.

Besides that, it also serves as a platform for filmmakers to share thoughts and buyers to make decision in the marketplace.

This festival requires passes to watch the documentaries or join the interactive sessions.

If you just want to experience the atmosphere of the festival, there is a street screen at Howard Street which is free of charge.

Click here to know more about this year’s DocFest.

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Note: It is a documentary festival. If you yearn for commercial films, this might not be your cup of tea.


It is a music festival held annually since 2009.

35,000 fans attended in the first year and the number doubled up in the following year.

The festival is all about live-music and performances. It has several musical genres including indie, electronica, blues, folk, world music and many more.

There is also Sheffield-based indie band, such as The Crookes, We Are Scientists, Field Music, Beth Jeans Houghton and Clock Opera.

Tramlines won the award for Best Metropolitan Festival at the UK Festival Awards In 2012.

It was a free-entry event until 2012. Due to the back drop of recession and government cutbacks, it started to charge £6 for a-day wristband in 2013.

Despite the drop in audiences and revenues, the festival is said to go on for another year.

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Tips: Check the line-ups for the event whether they interest you.


Cliffhanger claims to be the UK’s biggest outdoor event for outdoor people. It aims at people from all ages.

It is a nice outing for the family. There are sports for both adults and children.

Activities being put up include professional demonstrations in rock climbing, orienteering, mountain biking, running, slacklining, adventure racing and more.

The selling point of this event is the chance to involve.

Attendee can take part in the activities they had never tried before. There are professionals on the site to provide guidance and safety.

Another attraction would be the British Bouldering Championships. Attendee can witness how the climbers climb up to the top by using only their hand and feet.

The competition is also tense and thrills to see the climbers trying on different ways to find their own path to the top.

Cliffhanger was cancelled in 2012 due to the rain but came back in 2013 with a two-day event.

Click here to read on this year’s highlights.

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Note: This event is charged and might not interest you if you do not like sports or like to stay indoors. 


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