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Summer sales: are they real?

by cheeken


There are many sales other than just summer sales within a year such as Christmas Sales, Clearance Sales and others.

There are sales papers sticking on the shop windows with high discount rate mentioned.

However, things become different when customers go into the shop.

Let’s listen to what shop keeper from “Love Forever” says about products sales:

The interviewer Ken (left) and the shop keeper Katie

The interviewer Ken (left) and the shop keeper Katie

Stocks clearing 

There is not every product in the shop having a high discount. There are only certain.

Some old stocks of the shop might have greater discount as the owner intends to clear all of them and adding some new stocks.

The discounting rates are vary. Some products which had been discounted for about 20 per cent before and ended up with still no one buying, the reducing rate will go higher.

60 per cent, 70 per cent and higher just to sell the products out.



Sales as a marketing trick

Some people do not really believe on the sign of price discount but they will still enter the shops just to see they could get any cheap products.

They knew actually that is a business trick just to get more people into the shop.

However, they will still fall into the trick as some of them might think it is better than no discount. They are unable to purchase the product as the original price is high.

Let’s listen to what people say about summer sales:


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