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Sheffield by the Seaside – Perfect staycation in the summer!

by patricklee


Sheffield by the seaside

Sheffield by the Seaside returned to the Peace Gardens again and attracted the whole Sheffield to join the fun.

It had been the fifth year for the event!

This year, the seaside was run throughout the August.

Artificial beach made by tons of sand and traditional rides had landed in the city centre.


Stilt walking mermaid and sailor

The Moor had transformed into the ‘Pier’ on 3rd August.

Stilt walking mermaid was at The Moor.

Children loved it and many took pictures with the mermaid.

Seaside music and ‘watery’ themed craft activities were running at The Moor.

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Sheffield by the Seaside is one of the events under ‘Summer Saturdays’ organised by Sheffield City Centre.

Besides the beach, there were fun rides at Fargate and the Peace Gardens.

Coffee Cup Ride, Children’s Train Ride, Helter Skelter and traditional swing boats were available at the Peace Gardens.

At Fargate, there was bumper car and a children’s boating pool.

Great Responses

Sheffield by the seaside had received great responses from Sheffielders.

They appreciated the effort of the city council for putting up the event again.


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